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Delikon,leading manufacturer of flexible conduits and fittings. DELIKON,Leading manufacturer of electric flexible conduit and fittings.
Electrical flexible conduit systems
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Welcome to the Internet home of Delikon, Specialists in flexible conduits & fittings.

flexible conduit, liquid tight
Aluminum Liquid tight Connector,most suitable for liquid tight metal conduit IP67 Liquid Tight Conduit Aluminum Liquid Tight Fittings 
Liquid Tight Conduit
Aluminum Connector
NEW Unique Cone design
G, NPT, Metric & PG Threads
IP67 superior water tightness

Delikon, a leading Chinese manufacturer and exporter of electrical flexible conduits, metal liquid tight conduit, over braided flexible conduit,  conduit fittings, and flexible hose for various applications, our business philosophy has always been based on quality products, innovative solutions, and service beyond our customers expectations. We highly
appreciate your business and hope that you find a flexible solution for your projects from our informative and efficient website. Over-Braided Series

EMC screening heavy series flexible sheath over braided flexible conduit
Flexible Metallic Conduit 

with PVC jacket and metal
wire over-braiding for

EMI and RFI shielding

(Braided flexible metal conduit, water proof, EMC Screening) 
Flexible Metal Conduit for Heavy Mechanical Stress
Over Braided Flexible metallic conduit,water proof,EMI shielding
Heavy Series Over Braided Flexible Conduit and Fittings for steel mill retrofit.
Heavy flexible sheath
Braided flexible conduits protect cables on machining, welding or heavy plant.
flexible metal conduit
Liquid Tight Connectors and Fittings
Liquid Tight Connector
Connecting flexible conduit 
to electric box or enclosure
LT Connectors offer excellent pull-off characteristics.
high performance hose
Corrugated Nylon Conduit,Fittings For industry robot & control cables
Corrugated Nylon Conduit
& Fittings for industry
Control & Robot
Screen Flex EMC Shielding
Over Braided Flexible Conduit

Delikon Quality Flexible Conduit Systems
Quality Over Braided
Flexible Conduit System
Delikon Electrical flexible conduit

Heavy Series Over Braided Flexible Conduit for protection of bank vault data and electric cable

   Metallic Liquidtight Conduit
Flexible, sleek, with increased IP ratings, smooth pvc sheath. Metal Liquid Tight Conduit and fittings for railway signal and power cables protection
Liquidtight Steel Conduit
Liquid tight flexible conduit is suitable for use in a variety of applications from general purpose wiring in wet or damp locations,  to raised computer room floors and site lighting jobs. Interlocked Liquid tight conduit is most suitable for industry machine.
 liquidtight conduit
     Vacuum PVC jacketed flexible metal conduit for high-flex installations
   VJC Flexible Metal Conduit
for high-flex installations 
    PVC Coated Interlocked Flexible Metal Conduit with heavy series connector
Interlocked PVC Coated Flexible Metal Conduit for telecom and fiber optic cable
Electrical flexible conduit
Protection for fibre optics, sensor cords or electric cords. Strip wound small bore flexible metallic conduit for cables armoring.
(AT) CCTV wiring flexible conduit small bore Stainless Steel flexible Conduit for thermal coupler and sensor wirings

Over Braided Flexible Conduit and Liquid Tight Conduit for protection of Offshore, Heavy industry and Petrochemical industry Electrical Wirings. Electromagnetic Shielding Over Braided Flexible Conduit.
Oil Refinery Cable Management Flexible Conduit

  Petrochemical, Offshore, Heavy industry wiring flexible conduit and fittings
Braided Flexible Conduit and conduit fittings systems with emphasis on safety, security, and longevity.
  Iron mill wiring heavy series over braided flexible conduit and connector
Steel mill wiring heavy series over braided flexible conduit

Industry heavy series over braided flexible conduit and connector is resistant to hot metal particles and suitable for metal smelting plant and CNC and EDM machine electric cables protection.
Delikon heavy series over braided flexible conduit and braided conduit fittings for automation and process control applications
To help minimise downtime, we offer heavy series over braided flexible conduit and braided conduit fittings for protecting
automation and process control cable

Metal Industry Wiring
     Flexible Conduit System

Industry Cable Management
Electrical flexible conduit
Over Braided Flexible Conduit for industry machinery wirings
Heavy Series Flexible Sheath
 Petrochemical Industry Wiring
Braided Flexible Conduit
 High Quality Flexible Conduit

Delikon Electrical Flexible Conduit, Liquid Tight Conduit, Over Braided Flexible Conduit, Flexible Stainless Steel Conduit and Conduit Fittings provide flexible solution to your demanding wiring applications.

Braided flexible steel conduitProduct Families   Flexible solutions for electric cables management
Electrical flexible conduit

Metal wire over-braided flexible conduits Metal Over Braided Flexible Conduit EMI shielding
Braided Liquid Tight Conduit with Nylon Sealing Cord(YF-705)
Braided InterLocked Metal Liquid Tight Conduit (SM-701)
Braided Waterproof Flexible Metal Conduit (YF-704)
Braided Corrugated Nylon Flexible Conduit (PBF) flexible conduit
Braided Oil Resistant Flexible Conduit System (WNS / ORC)
Braided All Metal, Braided Flexible Metal Conduit (SM70001)
Braided Small Bore Flexible Metal Conduit (AT-SL-BRAIDED)
Triple Braided Flexible Stainless Steel Conduit (SC)
  for combustion equipment power and data cable protection
  Braided Flexible Conduit & Fittings for industrial wiring
Liquid tight flexible metal conduit
Flexible Metal Liquid Tight Conduit Flexible Liquid Tight Conduit (Water Proof Conduit) 
Metal Liquid Tight Conduit, PVC Covered (YF-706) LFMC
InterLocked Metal Liquid Tight Conduit (YF-806)High Strength
Liquid Tight Conduit with Copper Bonding Wire (YF-604) 
Rubber Covered Liquid Tight Conduit (YF-906) Hi-Lo Temp.
STAINLESS STEEL Liquid Tight Conduit (YF-706-SS)
Interlocked Stainless Steel Liquid Tight Conduit (YF-806-SS)
Low Smoke Zero Halogen Liquid Tight Conduit (LSHF-806)
Metal Conduit PVC Coated (YF-707)Vacuum Jacketed Conduit
PVC Coated Flexible Metal Conduit (YF-707IN) InterLocked
Metal Conduit with LSHF Covering (LSHF-707) Halogen Free!
Corrugated Nylon Flexible Conduit (PB) & Conduit Fittings
Flexible metal conduit
Flexible Metal Conduits Flexible Metallic Conduit (FMC,GI/Stainless Steel Strip)
Galvanized Steel Conduit With Sealing Cord Packing (YF-708)
Square or Interlocked Galvanized Steel Conduit (YF-703)
Instrument Small Bore Flexible Stainless Steel Conduit (AT)
Stainless Steel Flexible Conduit is used by various industries for OEM wiring conduit or armor cable and protective casing.
Metal connectors,fittings

G(PF), NPT, Metric & PG ThreadsConduit Connectors,Conduit Fittings
Male or Female threads

Flexible Conduit & EMT Fittings / Accessories
Connectors & Fittings (Flexible metallic conduit, Liquid Tight)
Liquid Tight Connector with internal threads (Female Fittings)
Aluminum Liquidtight Connectors (Fixed or Swivel type,IP67)
Stainless Steel Liquid Tight Connector (corrosion resistance)
  Stainless Steel Liquid Tight Connector and Stainless Steel Liquid Tight Conduit for corrosive environmentsStainless Steel Liquid Tight Conduit, Stainless Steel Liquid Tight connector and Conduit Fittings for corrosive environments
Brass Connectors (Fixed or Swivel for flexible metal conduit)
EMT Conduit Fittings  (EMT connectors, couplings, set screw)
Flexible Conduit Assemblies (with connectors pre-installed)
Braided Flexible Metal Conduit for Heavy Mechanical Stress
Swage Connectors & Fittings For Braided Flexible Conduit
Racing car hose

Non-metallic Liquid Tight Fittings
G(PF), NPT, Metric & PG

  Non-metallic Liquid Tight Fittings, LT Connector
Non-metallic Connector for Nylon conduit (PF, PG, Metric )
Non-metallic Liquid Tight Connector (NPT Threads)
  Suitable for non-metallic conduit, corrugated nylon conduit, PVC coated flexible metal conduit & liquid tight conduit. Corrugated Nylon Flexible Conduit, Fittings For industry robot cable
High Performance Hose,Automobiles hose,Racing Car hose,Marine Engine hose Flexible Hose For Automobiles / Racing Boats
Stainless Steel Braided Racing Hose (Performance AN Hose
S.S. Braided PTFE (PTFE) Hose (Fluids/Brake/Clutch Lines)  
Stainless Steel Braided Hose Sleeves (Abrasion protection)
Racing Hose,Marine Engine Hose,Automotive Fuel & Oil Hose
High Performance Braided Hose for motorsport racing cars
Single Layer Stainless Steel Braided Rubber Hose (Fuel/Oil)
Nylon Braided Rubber Hose (Light Weight)

Heavy Series Over Braided Flexible Conduit and Conduit Fittings are ideal for metal industry high temperature electrical wiring applications

Racing car hose

Metallic Pliable Conduit System For Wirings Liquid Tight Conduit for Construction Project
Pliable Metal Conduit PVC Covered, Wiring Harness Conduit
Heavy Series Over Braided Metallic Liquid Tight Conduit
Nowadays Delikon Liquid Tight Conduit is replacing pliable type in most applications: Interlocked liquid tight conduit is suitable for industry, pharmaceutical equipment and telecom. Interlocked liquid tight conduit has higher tensile strength.
Corrugated stainless steel hose
Corrugated Stainless Steel Hose Corrugated Stainless Steel Hose, Pipe, Tube
Annular or Helically Corrugated Low Pressure Metal Hose
Stainless Steel Braided Pump Connectors (high pressure)
Metal Expansion Joints (Metal conduits, hose for industry)
S.S. Braided Flexible Hose For Water Supply, Plumbing
Pliable metal hose
Pliable conduit,Metal hose Pliable Stainless Steel Conduit, Metal Hose
Pliable stainless steel conduits, tube, pipe, strip wound hose
Pliable metal conduits for microphones, headsets
OEM Flexible conduit system as per your sample or drawing
Flexible Metal Conduit Systems For Cable Management
  Metallic flexible conduit systems with or without coverings provide Excellent protection against crushing and impact.
 Heavy Series Over Braided Flexible Conduit For Industry Wirings
Over Braided Flexible Steel Conduits

Professional Electrical Wiring Protection Solutions.

Delikon, leading manufacturer of flexible conduits and fittings.
Braided Flexible LiquidTight Metal Conduits & Braided Flexible Steel Conduits

Over Braided Flexible Metal Conduit System for heavy industry cables protection

Braided Flexible Metal Conduit System is widely used to counter mechanical stress and is highly flexible, and it is resistant against tensile stresses and transverse pressure. Braided flexible conduit also offers excellent protection against hot metal particles, and immunity from electromagnetic interference. Over Braided flexible steel conduits are most suitable for use in Hazardous Locations, industrial environments and high temperatures wiring applications. Conduit connectors and fittings for braided flexible conduitA range of high quality fittings and connectors are specifically designed to maintain the flexible braided conduit system integrity including fixed and swivel fittings, straights, 90 and 45 degrees. Heavy Series

Braided-shield flexible conduit,Over Braided Flexible Conduit System

Braided-shield flexible conduit, SCREEN FLEX: Clean data transmission in a noisy environment is an ever-increasing requirement on today crowded factory floors. Variable-speed motors operating near data cables are a common occurrence - so is Radio Frequency interference. Delikon braided-shield flexible conduit provides excellent Radio Frequency, as well as mechanical protection to the wirings and cables, resulting in improved data transmission. Heavy series over braided interlocked metal Liquid tight Conduit and fittings provides excellent mechanical protection and EMC shielding to CNC cables.

Over Braided Flexible Conduit & Fittings For Industry Automation

Delikon Over Braided Flexible Conduit & Fittings deliver reliable protections for industry automation cables. See our whole range of cable sheath Heavy Series Flexible Conduits to find the right solution for your demanding wiring projects.
Delikon Heavy Series Over Braided Flexible Conduit & Flexible Conduit Fittings protect CNC EDM Machine Data and Power Cable and Fluid Line.

Over Braided Flexible Steel Conduit, Conduit Connector for Steel Rolling Mill Cables Protection
Braided Flexible Steel Conduit, Connector for Rolling Mill Cables Protection

Over Braided Flexible Steel Conduits

Over Braided Flexible Conduit system specially designed for cables protections in steel mills, glass works and electric furnaces, resists hot metal splashes. Designed for heavy industrial environments, the Braided Flexible Conduit systems are overbraided with stainless steel for added protection, without restricting their flexibility. The braided flexible conduits offer high flexibility and high fatigue life. Heavy series over braided flexible conduit systems also protect cables from hot metal slag and provide standard EMI screening for the cables carried within the system. Most suitable for steel mill cable conduit.

Electrical flexible conduit
Delikon Heavy Series Over Braided Flexible Conduit and Fittings for CNC and PLC wiring harness, Industry automation cable management

Delikon Heavy Series Over Braided Flexible Conduit and Fittings are designed to protect CNC Control cables, Industry Automation PLC wirings, Servo and Spindle Motors cables, MPG Cables, and Drive Command Cables. Delikon Heavy Series Flexible Connectors simplify design, assembly and maintenance for CNC machining center and other modular machinery.
Delikon Heavy Series Over Braided Flexible Conduit and Fittings protect
ignition wiring and control wiring of industry Engine and Generator.

Electrical flexible conduit
Delikon 3, 4 Stainless Steel Liquid Tight Connector with male or female threads

Delikon stainless steel liquid tight connector and conduit resist corrosion and oxidation, for application in oil and gas industries.

Delikon, Specialist in Electrical Flexible Conduit and Fittings
Over Braided Flexible Steel Conduits

Heavy Series Conduit Fittings for heavy flexible sheath,heavy series over braided flexible conduit,EMI Shielding Termination ConnectorHeavy Series Conduit Fittings for heavy flexible conduit sheath, heavy series over braided flexible conduit systems: Straight Fittings, Angle Fittings, with G, Metric, ISO228-1, NPT or PG threads.Combined with this line of high specification conduit fittings, Delikon Heavy Series Over Braided Flexible Conduit systems offer a high level of protection for cables in the demanding environments. Delikon flexible conduit

Delikon heavy series flexible sheath flexible conduit and conduit fittings are ideal for protecting crucial communication and power cables in bank, airport and train station

MS Plug fitting Adapter Connecting Flexible Conduit to Military ConnectorDelikon produces a whole range of MS Plug Adapters for connecting a military connector (MS Plug) or circular connector to a flexible conduit for industry automation cable management. In particular , the Over Braided Flexible Conduit with MS Adapter is most suitable for CNC machines wiring harness, industry control and automation cables protection. Over Braided Flexible Conduit, Fittings. Delikon Heavy Series Over Braided Flexible Conduit with MS Adapter for Servo Motor Cable.

Electrical flexible conduit

Heavy Series Over braided flexible metal conduit and fittings systems are ideal for protecting electrical and data cablesHeavy Series Over braided flexible metal conduit & fittings systems are ideal for protecting electrical and data cables in high temperature industrial applications with sparks, weld slag or hot swarf. Over braided flexible metal conduit is also suitable for EMC SHIELDING of cables. Delikon Over Braided Flexible Conduit has been designed to protect cables from EMI.

New Products: Heavy Series Over braided Flexible Steel Conduit,EMC shield

Heavy Series Over Braided Flexible Conduit and Metal Flexible Conduit Fittings for protection of heavy industry automation electric cables.
Flexible conduit

Flexible conduit Latest news

   Flexible Applications   

Over Braided Flexible Metal Conduit, Fittings
Overbraided Flexible steel conduit,Protective Braided Flexible Metal Conduit For High Temperature Wiring
Over Braided Flexible Metal Conduit Resists hot metal splashes & abrasion. Heavy Series Over Braided Flexible Conduit Sheath

Braided Corrugated Nylon Flexible Conduit
Braided Nylon Conduit for Industry Robots and Vehicle wiring harnesses,Over Braided Corrugated Polyamide Flexible Conduit for Robotics and Automation Cables

Conduit for industry robotic applications
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Overbraided Conduits ...

Wiring Products Featured conduit products conduit
Flexible Metal Conduit for Heavy Mechanical Stress
Flexible S.S. conduit
Flexible metallic conduit, PVC covered
Flexible conduit assemblies
Flexible conduit and connectors assembly
for wiring harness

Liquidtight flexible metal conduit (LT)
for ship or railroad wiring liquidtight conduit

Electrical flexible conduit
Computer Blue metal liquid tight conduit with copper bonding wire  for telecom and industry control wiring
  Computer Blue Liquidtight Conduit with copper grounding wire
Protection metal hose

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Wiring Accessories

Flexible Conduit & Accessories

Professional Electric
Cable Management
Flexible Conduit
& Conduit Fittings

high performance hose
LT Conduit Fittings
Liquidtight Metal Connector

Low voltage fittings

Cable protection metal hoses and fittings perfect all round protection for electrical cables.

Liquid-tight Metallic Conduit
Grey PVC coated Liquidtight Flexible Steel Conduit is used extensively in the machine tools.   >>>
Liquid Tight Metallic Conduit IP67 rated is ideal for industry, railway signal and ship electric wirings.
Liquid Tight Conduit

Smooth PVC Coated Liquid tight conduit,Conduit fittings

  Flexible metal Liquid Light Conduit is also widely used for electrical power plant transformer wirings. Liquid tight conduit is available up to 6" size
InterLocked Liquidtight
Liquid Tight Conduit and Connector for Construction and Building Industry electrical wiring

DELIKON quality metal liquid tight conduit fittings and liquid tight conduit for industry and commercial wiring.
metal liquid tight connector and liquid tight conduit

Delikon outstanding metallic liquid tight conduit combines the benefits of durability,  
 Delikon large diameter liquid tight conduit and liquid tight fittings
chemical resistance, waterproof connection, ease of installation, and reduced friction. Delikon Liquid Tight Conduit and fittings for railway or ship building cable management.
Delikon Quality Large Diameter Liquid Tight Conduit and Fittings.

  Heavy Series Metal Fittings for braided flexible conduit
  Heavy Series Metal Fittings, Heavy Series Electrical Flexible Conduit for protecting industry control cables. EMI Shielding Heavy Series Over Braided Flexible Conduit for industry control, industry automation and PLC cables protection
  Stainless steel liquid tight conduit for corrosive environment
  Stainless steel liquid tight conduit and stainless steel liquid tight conduit fititngs are best for corrosive environment such as chemical industry cable harness, water treatment plant wiring
Electrical flexible conduit
  Delikon Liquid Tight Conduit & Connector for Port Equipment Cable Protection, providing reliable cable management solutions for all kinds of cargo handling equipments.
  Smooth Black PVC Coated Metal Liquid Tight Conduit
   Black Liquid Tight Flexible Conduit, Sleek, with increased IP ratings, flexible metallic Liquid Tight Conduit is ideal for environments with lots of water, oils and grease or coolant. Liquid Tight Connector